Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's No Secret...I'm Chasing Stars!

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It's no secret. I want to share my life with you. I can finally admit, or understand, that I'm a perfectionist. It isn't a good thing and it does show up in my life in strange ways. I'm not nutso-crazy about my clothes being perfectly ironed, but I am nutty about my creative projects being completed close to perfection. This isn't good. I self-sabotage the completion of projects because I can't stand looking at something that isn't done the way I intended it to be. (Sidenote: I made that Fall Jacket! And it came out awful! LOL! So that is why I never posted the final result! I had a really good laugh over it once I was done-and this is real progression on my party) Perfectionism has wrecked havoc on my writing career! I write and hide it away. Do you do this in your life? It's kind of funny a blogger does this! At some point, a girl has to decide to change her life.  In order for me to reach the stars of my destiny, dear readers, I will be in hibernation for the next month as I do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). 

I have taken several steps to change and break that perfectionist streak. I have a deadline for my novel-that is big news! I did something else that makes me gasp to see that I'm changing---I hired a babysitter from a sign I found posted at a nearby park. But, the lord works in answering prayers! It turns out that the babysitter that now watches our toddler is AMAZING! She speaks French (tres chic!) and loves to play. I couldn't feel more blessed that life is working with me to accomplish this life dream. I am taking the greatest risk in my life by finally working and being who I am in this moment. I am not limited by memories of the past. I am only in this moment. I might not be perfect, but-heck-who is? I can only be myself and let it shine.

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 I will try to update occasionally through the month, but that really isn't a promise. Please follow me on twitter where I can post quick notes! Most of all, thanks to every reader that has been at Modern Girl Style and continues to follow all of my misadventures!

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