Saturday, December 15, 2012


I had a tremendous writing breakthrough during NaNoWri Month. December struck my family hard. My husband got sick and then I did. As we were both almost over it, my husband nearly broke his ankle and is now on crutches! My daughter finally caught sniffles and an extremely mild cough, but it was hectic. Nothing really completely stopped us until yesterday with the news if the Newtown massacre. Our hearts grieved watching the news break. I turned the TV off not wanting to be caught in the drama, perhaps thinking that turning the news off would turn it off in our hearts, but it didn't. At a certain point, our family crawled in bed and just held each other. We are do blessed for what we have. I haven't made art in months and I sat down tonight realizing that to make a beautiful picture is very important to the world. There isn't enough beauty in the world. My art making was put on the back burner after my agent passed on a children's book idea I had. I thought that making art was a waste and frivolous. Tonight I rediscovered that art is never frivolous. It consoles the heart and inspires one to be brave enough to journey forward. My heart and prayers go to families that lost loved ones in Newtown. My humble drawing is a tribute to the memories that last longer than things. Love is never lost.

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