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Buy it or Make it: Denim Jeans

I have been the luckiest girl lately. I am back to my pre-baby weight and size thanks to a change in my diet and making time to exercise! It means that I can fit my old jeans, but that doesn't mean I want to wear them. I'm a new girl after having a baby and my wardrobe should reflect the journey. As much I love denim, I don't like to shop for it. Isn't it a chore when it comes to finding new jeans? I also cringe at the cost of Paige Jeans, $298 for a basic pair, even though they are truly a remarkable feat of beautiful engineering. I'm a mom now and budget is the word.  Thanks to lady luck on my recent shopping spree! I went vintage shopping and scored three pairs of jeans that I am in love with! As I'm not Canadian, I wasn't familiar with these two Canadian denim manufactors, but holla! Every girl in North America should know these labels. First up, Silver Jeans Co. 
{Image from Jason in Hollywood-read this blog to keep current on billboards in LA}

The Silver Jean Co. was established twenty years ago by Michael Silver. He earned an degree in Fine Arts and went to work in the fashion industry for Western Glove Works. He learned the craft of denim and was inspired to launch his line of clothing for Men and Women. I respect that he mentions in an awesome interview on creating denim fashions that he is tireless about details such as thread, fabric, and dye.

SJ MSILVER FACTORY1 DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Silver Jeans Co.
Read more awesome interviews at Denim Blog

BUY IT: Silver Jeans
I bought two styles of Silver Jeans. The average cost of a pair is $100 at places like Macy's, but I was super lucky and found two pairs in my size, in perfect condition, at the thrift store for $3.99 each! I couldn't buy a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the cost of that. I also found a pair of Paige Jeans for my sister-in-law and got them for only $3.99, too! Yes-authentic Paige Jeans for less than a latte! So people, if you are scared of thrift store shopping or hitting a vintage resale shop---YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE MISSING! Let's take a look at what I got for under $20.

The first pair I bought were the Suki Bootcut. You can pick up a pair at one of my favorite online resources, Sierra Trading Post, for $50. I bought a pair of Ariat Cowboy Boots for $60 and those fit perfectly on my foot! Sierra Trading Post rocks! Aren't the back pockets sweet, too?

I want to add that I love the generous inseam of both pairs of my Silver Jeans. They look amazing with the tallest pair of high heels. The second pair I bought are called Toni Bootcut Stretch. You can pick up a pair here on eBay in all sizes for about half the price. Awesome! 

I love the crinkled front, which look naturally worn in, and the red thread detail!

BUY IT: Second Denim Co.

I have seen the ads everywhere for Yoga Jeans. I was turned off by the whole approach to tell you the truth. I do yoga. I even have my Yoga Teaching Certificate and for some reason I want my denim separate from my yoga gear. It's like I need to keep my emotional connections to my garments in different categories and I don't want to mix it up. I'm not sure why I'm like this, but we all know at this point, I'm a bit crazy! So when I found a pair of these typically $130 jeans at the thrift store for $3.99, I had to try them. 

Well, it turns out I was crazy to have never tried them before. These are AMAZING! I'm a new fan of Second Yoga Jeans. I can't wait to get another pair and soon! Here is the pair I bought. After washing them according to directions, I can at this point take a low iron to them. I haven't done that and I'm not sure if I will, but if the wrinkles concern you then just make a note you can iron the wrinkles out. I bought the Yoga Style 26, which is a high-waisted fit, trim through the leg, modest flare at the ankle, and a blend of cotton with elasticine that results in zero bagginess after wearing for hours. Yeah!

In the end, I'm wearing denim to wear denim. I will never wear them to do yoga, as they have been advertised. I really think they way they were trying to sell the comfort and stretch should have been shown differently. They really are amazing and look beautiful on my curvy body. Have you ever tried these jeans? What do you think of them? 

MAKE IT: At this point would I serious make my own pair of denim jeans?

{Roy Denim via}
Heck yeah! Why not? As Maddie, blogger of Madalynne, points out that it is getting harder to make your own jeans due to needing specific denim sewing machines and etc. But, don't let that stop you. She has an amazing list of ways to make sewing your own denim jeans happen at home. 

Sallie's Tips on How to Sew Denim via Madalynne

If that isn't enough to get you started, then head over to Very Purple Person. I love the denim jeans worn with the yellow peplum shirt. I seriously want that girl's skills to sew. Novita makes it look so easy! I have so much to learn and right now I'm on a backlog of finishing my fall coat and getting the halloween costumes done in time Oct. 31! Wish me luck....isn't this outfit to die for?  I love Novita and her blog, Very Purple Person, for just considering what's possible with home sewing. 

Peplum top and ankle-length jeans

If you don't want to read anymore, and you want to sew your own jeans, then based on Novita's advice pick up a copy of Butterick Pattern 5682. Please post a link if you indeed get a pair of jeans made or if you did like me and bought!

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