Thursday, October 11, 2012

Calvin Klein Push Positive Bra: Sponsored Post*

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Calvin Klein Underwear to review their new soft-wire Push Positive bra. I am constantly approached by companies, and sometimes I am asked to do things, and it never materializes. However, I couldn't explain the utter surprise I had when the Push Positive bra appeared at my door step!

Do I need to remind you that the right bra can make or break an outfit? Last Saturday, for the first time in two and half years, I went out for a night out on the town. I wore the bra and as I was exiting the bathroom, I couldn't help but covertly snap this picture of a girl wearing the wrong bra! 

The thing is that we have all done this. We don't take the time to select the right undergarments and it has to be one of the most important aspects of dressing. The last time I went bra shopping was a year after having baby and it was awful. I found that the lifting bras had so much padding that I looked ridiculous and most of them were so uncomfortable. I gave up and went back to wearing my maternity bras until I had more time to find the right bra. Bra shopping isn't easy, let alone with a toddler. So, I was very interested in what was inside the box.

Inside, I found the most beautiful animal-print bra. 
I tried it on and was worried that I had the wrong size. I'm a 36B, but I looked like DD's! The bra lifted and pressed everything so much that I had a hard time believing it. I thought, well, maybe it was too tight, but then I brought out my inner bra-fitting guru. I check the band around my chest and saw that it wasn't too tight and I wasn't bulging out. Great! The next most important area to consider when fitting a bra is the cup. Let me speak in simple terms: If you try the bra on and you appear to have four boobs, then the cup size is too small! It is a real pet-peeve of mine. I studied the Push Positive bra on me and found that it was a perfect round line from my chest to the bra. Awesome! The last step and perhaps the most important step after those requirements are meet: How do I feel in it?  

I felt sexy, comfortable, and ready for that night out on the town! I literally felt my upper torso transformed in a beautiful way. That means so much to a new mom, I can't even tell you! I wore the bra under my favorite Rachel Roy dress. It's hard to see in the picture below the transformation due to the shot, but I don't plan on doing a photo shoot of me wearing the bra. Suffice it to say, I really am amazing and in love with the CK Push Positive bra. If you want to see it underneath different types of tops, check it out at Her Room. The bra retails for around $49. It one investment that I recommend to any modern girl!
{ I'm feeling sexy in my Calvin Klein Push Positive Bra! }

 *Thanks to CK for sponsoring me to review this bra! If the product was poor, I wouldn't have given this review!


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