Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lunch in the Sun: 5 Essentials for an Awesome Picnic!

It takes more than food to make a picnic awesome.  A beautiful picnic blanket, plush pillows, a relaxed summer hat, and extraordinary tableware can make things fabulous! Toss in a sizzling summer read, Southern Charm by socialite Tinsley Mortimer, and you are read to forget doing anything for the rest of the day. Rest and relaxation does need a bit of prep work! Discover some great accessories to help you get the rest you deserve-or... Better yet, discover the cure to the office blues or an awesome way to just escape!

No. 1: Pop Swirl Pillow available at CB2 for $70.
No. 2: Platinum Etched Wine Glasses & Crabrones Insect Plate available at Jayson Home & Garden
No. 3: Eric Javits Braid Dame Hat available at Saks Fifth Avenue
No. 4: Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer
No. 5: Better Surf Than Sorry Blanket available online for $36

picnic picnic.

If your summer excursions is limited by work, get the rest you need with a escape into Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer! I just received a copy from the publisher and it is going to travel with me everywhere until I'm done!

tinsley mortimer
Socialite & Author: Tinsley Mortimer

I love the title of the Prologue, "Sometimes You Just Have to Go For Broke." It's a great summer read. I would group the writing with the likes of Bethanny Frankel's Skinny Dipping or Lauren Conrad LA Candy Novels. It's not War & Peace, and thank God! Sometimes a girl just needs to escape and have fun!   Here is a book summary:

A modern Manhattan fairy tale with the sparkle of a champagne cocktail, Tinsley Mortimer’s debut novel provides a delicious peek into her world of society, fashion, and big-city fame.
 Tinsley Mortimer
 SOUTHERN GIRL Minty Davenport has always dreamed of skyscrapers, yellow cabs, and a life like Eloise’s in New York City. So upon graduation from college, she bids adieu to Charleston and makes a beeline for the Big Apple. Almost instantly, she finds herself at an event being photographed forWomen’s Wear Daily, and her career as a New York society “It Girl” is launched. As Minty navigates the ironclad customs of New York society, a blossoming love life, and a job working for a ruthless and powerful publicist, she finds that the rules a southern belle lives by—being nice to everyone, accentuating her femininity, and minding her manners—don’t necessarily guarantee success in Manhattan. She may indeed be accumulating new friends and opportunities along with boldfaced mentions and a very eligible bachelor boyfriend, but someone is plotting her very public downfall. When Minty gets to the top of the social ladder, she must decide if the glamorous life she thought she wanted is really everything she hoped it would be. 
Tinsley Mortimer’s insider observations about New York’s elite are deliciously witty, and the heart of her book is that of an irresistibly lovable young woman who is on the brink of finding her dream.
Wouldn't this be a great place to read?

picnic picnic picnic


Chelsea said...

Great post! I love the blanket.

Hopeinhighheels said...

Yes to all of the above... The picnic, the book and the place to read - amazing! If only I could do it tomorrow rather than waiting for the weekend!

Hopeinhighheels said...

I read southern charm... It was an easy entertaining read and perfect for our weekend away!