Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ombre Hair Color & Hair Chalking

Ombre hair. Ombre hair.

Ombre Hair technique had once been the French girl's secret. Suddenly, it has splashed on the shores of the States and women are loving the look. The fantastic purpose is of Ombre hair coloring is not just that it is more wallet-friendly, but that it highlights beautiful soft beach waves.

pastel ombre hair

Hair Chalking is a fantastic way to amp the style of your ombre hair. It's quite simple and there are plenty of products on the market available to temporary color your hair.

Here is a great DIY tutorial on hair chalking! This post will run through a bit more inspiration.

Ombre hair...

ombre hair

ombre hair

Great ombre hair

Ombre Hair

Love it and want to keep it? Try this!

ombre hair.

Looking for more inspiration? Grab these images or find your own here!


Hansgdsi said...

Hi, how can you do that last design with hair chalk. Thanks

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Balqis_mawaddah said...

So pretty.