Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Shopping: Style Guides

Lately, I've been truly inspired to flip everything about my life. I want to live with better manners, travel more, get my home in tip-top style shape! Holy heck, yes, I am a new mom! LOL! Before my mother left town, we hit the bookstore and these titles jumped out at me. I always see book shopping as a cryptic way of decoding the things you need in your life. I need to travel and get that Parisian sense of style. Parisian Chic will do just that since traveling at the moment seems unrealistic for me! 

I want manners.  I want to write thank you notes, brush off rude drivers in style, and host parties well. Could you help Emily Post? This book has been helping generations to live with manners, which is  another extension of being stylish. It's fantastic that the book is in its 18th edition!

What about a refreshed home? Thank you Grace at Design Sponge. Your book looks fantastic!

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Hello Friday said...

I find joy writing a thank you note, writing cards to someone I care.  I want to get that 'Etiquette' and read. xoxo