Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three NYC Favorite Things

Spring is here and to celebrate its arrival Modern Girl Style is launching a new series, Three Favorite Things, written by some of the finest bloggers from around the world and on the Web! Three Favorite Things is just like it says: A simple question with infinite answers that reveals more about the questioned than the question itself. So allow me to introduce the fabulous Hope, of Hope in High Heels, with her sweet NYC twist on her Three Favorite Things!

NYC is always busy, always fabulous and always changing. It's the place where you can find anything your heart desires, be anyone you want to be and do (almost) anything you've ever dreamed of. It's a million different things - party town, entrepreneurial hotbox or shopping mecca to name a few - to millions of different people. My New York? It's an adorable apartment in the West Village, lazy mornings and long brunches full of laughter and long walks through city streets and leafy parks... here's three of my favourite places:

Washington Square Park is in the heart of what is undoubtedly the most fabulous area in NYC, The Village. It's a gathering place for wonderfully talented musicians and performers and walking from one side to the other I might stop to marvel at the hula-hoop girl, listen to an amazing pianist, enjoy an interactive comedy show, nod my head in time to an acoustic guitarist and stop to laugh at the children chasing eachother around the fountain. There's nothing I love more than getting a coffee from the nearby Third Rail, a flaky pain au chocolat from Claude's Patisserie and then sitting in the sunshine listening to jazz and watching the world go by.

When it comes to shopping, the cobblestoned streets of Soho are my favourite place to go. I like to wander through the models, trying on shoes at Prada, handbags at Chanel or Mulberry and Missoni knits at Intermix. Once I've had my fill of dreaming, I walk a little further to Broadway and West Broadway to actually buy things at Anthropologie, DKNY and Aritzia. Of course no shopping is complete without something sweet with sprinkles... the Little Cupcake Shop in Noho is the perfect place to rest and recharge mid-afernoon (or morning, or really anytime!).

Onto food - NYC is a late rising city - if you happen to be out before 10am it better be because you're returning from your yoga/pilates/bar method class, or walking a cute dog. The first real meal of the day is brunch and my hands-down favourite place to go is Jeffrey's Grocery in the West Village, for a plate of blueberry french toast which is so indulgent it should be a dessert. There's no better way to start the weekend than right here, sitting at the bar sipping on a bellini and taking in the relaxed and beautiful crowd.  

I'd love to hear about your New York - what do you like to do when you're here?

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Judy Havrilla @cuteanduseful said...

Very much enjoyed your great, picturesque description of NYC! Gave me some great ideas for things to do if I am there. My son would love the blueberry french toast brunch; I would love the late rising!  Thanks!