Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living Mad Men Style

Mad Men Season 5 returns to AMC on Sunday and I'm a fanatic for the show. I seriously believe that this is the best TV drama I have ever watched. As I'm so excited for the next season to arrive, I love feeling the excitment everywhere. There is the Banana Republic Mad Men collection, fabrics being selected with Mad Men feel, and vintage dresses patterns being made and worn by women today {hint: check out my favorite read list to find bloggers doing this}. There are modernist furnishing to acquire. I love this collection of furnishing inspired by Mad Men:

{image via pretty little green things}
I've always loved vintage, but this week has been good for me and my vintage finds. The highlights include this vintage 1960 Eaton Viking electric typewriter. I gasped when I found it at Goodwill and bought it for less than $10. I saw it and instantly thought this would have been the portable typewriter at the offices of Cooper Draper Pryce.

Trust me, I love the vast world of modern technology, but the snap and feel of a vintage typewriter is like slow food cooking. It's a sexy, slow, real experience that yields rich rewards. My question to you is:

If you had a vintage typewriter, what would you write?

Happy Mad Men watching this weekend. Please don't even try to phone me!

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Cari said...

Love your blog! and I couldn't agreed more... Mad Men is the best show on television! And I have a vintage typewriter, that my mom gave me, and I wouldn't write much... cause I am slow and make loads of mistakes! :)