Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Home Soda Fountain

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I'm the kind of girl that loves a sweet treat like soda. While being pregnant, it seemed there was nothing better than a cold glass of root beer! I've seen at my local health food grocery store the Soda Stream gizmos, but I wasn't thrilled with the $150 price nor the idea that I'd have to figure out where to store it. Okay, I could find storage for it, but I didn't want to have to buy all of their refills. Lo and behold, on my hunt this morning for info on sewing that I stumbled across this brilliant post at Blue Dirt and The Etsy Blog. The posts are totally mind blowing! 

And I believe now, I really do need a larger kitchen! The amazing thing is that once you set it up, you will be able to pour a cold glass of soda, made as healthy and natural as you want, for an entire year and it should cost only about $20-30. There is a start-up investment on the CO2 tank, values, and tubes, but if you love will save tons of money and help the earth! Here are some wonderful ideas on drink recipes. I also really love this simple DIY soda holder, too!

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{image via design sponge}

What do you think? Are you a soda girl?

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{image: Bonjour Madame}

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palacebravo said...

Hi Kamela, how are you! I've been busy with my blog, sorry I haven't been in touch. We connected at the Alt Sumit Class about advertising, the one that was online.  Anyhow, great photo, and I'll check out those blogs.  

I made a paper today I think you might like, its at

Also, I haven't forgotten about your request to do an interview -- would you like to pose some questions?