Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Art Lessons: Pen and Ink

I don't have the same amount of time to doodle like I had before baby. A great fast, cheap, and easy weekend art project is pen and ink. 


At Michael's or your local art supply store, you can purchase an artist pen holder and a nib. Make sure you get a nib used for drawing because some nibs are for drawing maps or are used for calligraphy.  You could also collect twigs or sticks on a walk around the neighborhood and use it for mark making. 

I've tried an assortment of inks. I really prefer acrylic artist ink. It's opaque and ready to handle additional media like watercolor, without the ink blending or washing away. The ink comes with an eye dropper. The eyedropper is another way to draw. In my artwork for this post, I used the eyedropper and liked the results.  
I've had art professors tell me not to use Strathmore papers because they're cheap. I say so what! I'm doodling to have fun and I'm not worried about my art being collected by the MET. I love this bristol paper by Strathmore. These journals are a bunch of fun. For pen and ink, I recommend bristol paper. The surface is smooth and the ink really pops on it! Use what you got, that's the bottom line!


rustic pen and ink
Here are some great illustrations and doodles to inspire your art. Notice in the picture above the acrylic artist ink I love! I'm not the only person to use it with success. Onward to some sweet and simple art examples:

Original pen and ink feather drawing.

perfect pen and ink
pen and ink, watercolor illustration
Love anything Pen and Ink
Scott's Last Expedition - pen and ink

Grab items from around your house and doodle away. Experiment with composition, scale, and even color. Add some pastel or watercolor if you like! I also like to play around with drawing from magazines. Flip a page open and doodle away.
This is also a great way to banish stress, have fun, and do it on a tight time table! Happy a link in the comments section if you happen to get anything done you'd like to share!

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