Sunday, May 8, 2011

Modern Mama Style: Bumbleride Baby Wheels & Preggers Update

My kind of lifestyle: Bumbleride Indie
My late afternoon walk brought an unexpected surprise...I think I saw the stroller I wanted. A young mom was pushing her baby down the street. I smiled adorning the baby and the stroller. As she walked by me, I turned around and asked what sort of stroller she was using. She said a Bumbleride Indie. Her stroller was in sea grass, as pictured above. She said she more than did her research and bought this from a boutique called Peek-a-Boo in downtown Toronto. She went on to gush about how much she loves it. She says it handles all sorts of terrain and it takes corners like its on rails. 

When I visited the website, I fell in love with the photography. Who couldn't? I'll have to get out and test drive one of these deals.

Modern Mama Preggers Update: Six Months

My first en route!

The truth is...being pregnant isn't easy. I actually thought because I've done yoga for over ten years, I ran the NYC marathon, and I've eaten organic home cooked foods for over a decade that this was going to be a cinch for me. HA!! Laugh now!

My second ultrasound. The baby was sleeping so all we could see was a little foot!

It has been an interesting ride, and perhaps the emotional side of being pregnant has been more of my challenge. I can attest that I haven't been placed on any sort of pedestal, which is fine, but it is more difficult when I feel that my husband acts as if nothing has changed at all. Yet, as my mind considers the physical hardship of the first semester and the emotional hardship of the second semester, I do want to tell the truth. I want my husband to be less alpha male and more supportive of my changes {ie: make dinner, do his own laundry, help clean up around the house, build baby furniture, buy groceries, and connect with me emotionally on a daily basis}. That said, I don't want to get into a bitch rant about how sucky things can get because at the end of the day nothing is sweeter than a kick inside my belly and thinking about holding my first child. I believe that life is a blessing. My life is a blessing, my husband's life is a blessing, and without a doubt my soon-to-be-born baby's life is a blessing. I'm grateful that the universe was supportive of me becoming a mother.  Therefore, I know that the universe will continue to support me in the journey to motherhood as well. I think I just need to catch a break, life, if you're listening. Maybe finding a woman walking by with the sweetest stroller was the start of a break. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the little things and watch it build to the big stuff. 

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