Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Style Ideas: Regatta Blue

Regatta by Raoul Dufy {Painted 1933. Private Collection.}

The word regatta is derived from the Italian "liga" meaning starting line. Today the term regatta translates to a series of boat races, and is the basis of May's color inspiration. The Italians might have coined the word, but there are several artists and designers that have infused beauty and grace with this bold blue. Dufy managed to use pattern and color to capture the intoxicating influence of regatta blue.

Dufy, Raoul (1877-1953) Dufy Open Window, Nice 1928. The art institute of Chicago.jpg
Raoul Dufy {1877-1953}
As Dufy illustrates, Regatta blue is versatile. It works well with bold print and colors. In most cases, Regatta blue is best in small doses. A regatta zig-zag strip rug, ikat throw pillows, choinoiserie pottery, and a bold buddha bust display the harmonious and serene influence of Regatta Blue. 

In keeping with the sailing tradition, a living room with big impact. The colors lend a traditional and patriotic feel, and might be a bit much for some, but works well for a coastal home.

{image source}

For more modern and eclectic tastes, Regatta blue can be used alone to make a statement. 

{image source}

Want a little less Regatta, how about a Regatta-striped Chanel cuff?
Image via Superficial and Loving it
Still not convinced that Regatta is something to love? Remember what this dress did to the world a few months ago? 
{image source}
Or what about this little engagement ring?

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring. Worn by Princess Di. {Image Source}

How might you add some blue to your life? Artwork, perhaps?

Image via Fidgety Thoughts
Or maybe something a bit sexier?

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However you use the color this month. Make it your own.

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