Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Buzz

My doodle in celebration of the whole affair!

Why is a good wedding that is so impossible to resist? I believe its the eternal hope that love outlasts and shines brighter than all the muck of life. I love feeling that joy so I was fighting my way out of bed this morning at 5:30am. I invited over some of my favorite girlfriends, the ones that were bold enough to also get out of bed, and put the heat under the tea kettle. I used my collection of English bone china teapots and cups to celebrate the wedding. The gold tea cup is actually my husband's great grandmother's, which he selected as a child after she had passed away. My husband always had an eye for the finer things in life!

My first glimpse of Kate arriving to the wedding. I love this shot. 

I wanted Kate to arrive in a horse drawn carriage like Princess Di, but I appreciated that this wedding was Kate's.

More views of Kate Middleton's dress designed by Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Journalists were bantering back and forth on how long it would take Kate to walk the aisle. Some said 9 minutes and others said 4. I think it was short, short, short! This wedding was simple and quick.

It was Kate and the royal florist, Shane Connolly, that had the genius idea to place an avenue of trees inside Westminster Abbey. There were six English field maples and two hornbeam trees. The flowers were meant to mimic a natural and native setting, as well as ethical. Watch more on it here.

The vows. I loved way that Prince William flirted with Kate. It was all in the eyes.

The Royal family greeting Kate. In a side note:

"Prince Charles, owns an Aston Martin DB5 convertible. He has converted the car so that it can run on bioethanol derived from White wine. He and his wife Princess Camillia drove in this car to the royal wedding."

Ah...the carriage ride at last! Wills is such a gentleman as he assists her inside the carriage. I heard they had to practice entering the carriage because there is quite a sway to it.

My favorite shot of that wonderful ride to Buckingham Palace. This is fairy tale perfect!

En Route to the afternoon reception. 

The people celebrating the walk down Westminster Mahl to Buckingham Palace. Everyone wants to see the kiss!

The day is glorious for the wedding. Not a drop of rain. The people of England are in the midst of celebrations and cheers. I also point out that I didn't see a single person in protest. What a miracle!

Then it happens. Wills and Kate arrive on the balcony. The Queen Mother is in elegant yellow.

Wills and Kate warm up to the crowd. When Kate stepped out onto the balcony, you could lip read her mouth say, "Wow."

The first kiss sends chills of joy and thousands cheer. In fact, the 1.5 million people chanted for another and Wills doesn't hold back. In an unprecedented fashion, he kisses Kate twice!

View of the kiss from behind the fountain.

A last wave...

And one last glance. 

Can any girl not understand the joy of that last turn toward the people? One last glance because it all goes too fast. A few hours after the reception, the streets were cleared.

Prince William and Kate pull into the streets inside a vintage Aston Martin, interestingly, the very same car that Prince Charles drove Princess Di in back in 1982.

Isn't this sweet?

Huge smiles from Kate!

I car decorations are so sweet.

My favorite was the Ju5t Wed license plate and heart balloons. It is reported that it was Prince Williams idea to make his first official action as newlyweds a short drive to Clarence House.

The L sign on the front grill with hearts is priceless!

Perhaps it can't get any better, but then I spot something awesome! Do you see it?

A Royal dog, which I think is an Irish Arch Wolf, belted in a red coat hanging with the Brit soldiers! 

Then they are inside the gates. Preparing to journey off on their honeymoon...

Driving together into a future of love, hope, and, I wish for them, lots of children.

The idea of yet another couple professing their love to world is what gives me more and more hope for a bright future. All the blessing to William and Kate, where ever you are!

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