Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Special Announcement: We're Having a Baby!

My husband and I are super excited to announce that we're having a baby! We are delighted beyond words to share the news. I found out about the exciting news days before Christmas. 

Yet, before I took a preggers test I did have an idea that perhaps something was up. I kept having several dreams that I was pregnant. One of my dreams was hilarious. I was sitting in a beautiful English-like garden with a water fountain at the center. There were women everywhere pushing baby buggies in beautiful Victorian dresses. I was sitting next to a woman and I leaned over and told her that I really wanted to have a baby. Suddenly, all the women in the park were laughing. I was clueless. "What?" The woman sitting on the bench next to me leaned over and said, "They're laughing because you are going to have a baby!"

When I had that dream, it was time for me to take a test. I took the preggers test at home when I couldn't stand it anymore. I waited nervously for those two minutes to pass. I wondered if I should have waited for my husband to have been there, but I couldn't stop. It was all happening so fast. The double pink lines appeared! I was laughing, dancing, jumping up and down I was overwhelmed with joy. It felt like my dreams were literally coming true. My doggie and I were a ruckus until I realized I had to tell a very special someone-a daddy-to-be. I wanted to share the same sense of joy and excitement. I decided that a phone call just wouldn't do! Instead, I wrote a special children's story and illustrated it in watercolor. I gave it to him on Christmas Eve as a special gift! He read the book and wondered why I had a video camera on him...but by the end of the story it was all so clear! We're having a baby! He cried and laughed and hugged and danced, too! 

In the following months, things were less glitzy and picture perfect. My first trimester kicked me to the curb. I was exhausted and nauseated much of the time. I made it to March and to my second trimester and things shifted rapidly. I was filled with energy and excitement, and I still am today. I want to share more of my exciting journey with you along the way. I suppose I should mention now that we've decided to not know the sex until delivery because we love surprises!  

Thanks again to all of my loyal readers for hanging with me through all of life's adventures. This is one story I had to share!

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carrie1 said...

Congrats! =)

Pitta Power said...

much love <3

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Parenthood is incredible, we are blessed to have two little kiddies. So happy for you : )