Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to The Modern Girl Style Archives 2006-2010

There comes such a time when one truly needs to let go of the past in order to move on. Modern Girl Style has gone through as many transitions as my own life has over the course of the last five-something years. One of the things I outgrew was Typepad. It seemed to never make my life easy and I was constantly cursing all the updates they made to their platform. I tried again one last time and, ahem, I was still cursing. You'll see at the start of the Archives, located at Typepad, my vain attempt to make it things work on that blog platform, but after two renewed months in 2011, it was really time to shut it down and make it official that my blog is located on Blogger.
This is your place to play in The Archives. Try a random search or click back through pages. I'd provide more navigation, but Typepad doesn't offer any category links on the microblogs. No pressure, no problem. When you're done rolling through the old vaults and the tea pot feels empty, refill your heart, mind, and soul by clicking to the new reading room of modern inspiration:

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