Friday, March 4, 2011

Jet Set Style: Renovating the Destination Dream in Buenos Aires

What happens when an American film producer and a Hungarian architect and set designer buy an 8,000 sqft home in Buenos Aires? No, this isn't a set-up for a bad joke. The answer is magic. Jennifer Webster and Zsolt Juhasz Buday bought the above home for $300,000 and flipped this home into a home worthy of a Jane Austen comedy. Some of the highlights of this home I discovered in a recent slide show at the New York Times House & Garden section.

I'm enchanted with the sense of connection to the outside environment. There is  lots of natural light that sits well with the simplicity of design.

 French doors that slide open to connect the spaces of the home together. I loved the white backsplash in contrast to the slate-colored wall. Its a very modern space but traditional furnishings help to keep it rooted in the home's history.

It takes a respectable architect and film producer to leave the original ceiling exposed. Flawed and tinged with the signs of old age, the ceiling becomes the focal point of this room. 

One modern window and lots of skylights add the 21st century flair of design harmony. The furnishing are comfortable and seek guests willing to lounge by the fire.

As one of the few California natives, it goes without saying I have a passion for pools. The simple design and hanging garden is a perfect retreat from hectic living. Isn't that the reason we all want to jet set around the world? To find space of harmony and peace and so that we can replenish our souls. How will you replenish your wits this weekend? 

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Artistic said...

what i love most in this place is the ceiling preserved with the ancient look and feel.. awesome place for a healthy living