Monday, March 7, 2011

Flash Forward Mondays: Designing Everyday Reality

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What is the future going to look like? What are we going to wear? What are we going to do? Design, be it a purse, cellphone, or a home is certainly a dialogue about the future. *One certain way to dispel the fuzz veil that hangs over the future is to look at what we're doing in the present. The world is filled with so many tremendous innovations that it's intriguing to pause on the people who are crafting the future now. From time to time, as interesting things drift my way, I'll host Flash Forward Mondays that might have you considering new ideas in our emerging world. Design that pushes the limits of what you expect.

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 Imagine a world in which a cellphone is the tool of a new design reality. Confused, interested, say what? Watch this video and feel a bit creeped out on what one company is hoping to turned your smartphone into:

What do you think? Is augment going to be part of everyday life or are people going to revolt?

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