Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Write Your Heart Out

image via Fleur Avenue

Yesterday, I surpassed the 350 page point in my novel. It's so much more exciting to write the end of a novel than the beginning. Perhaps, in my case, it's just long over due. In an ode to laboring away at my desk, I wanted to share images that will make your heart burn with inspiration. 

image via Tenniswood Blog
The Singapore office of Mark Seeger, an American expat living abroad for the last decade, bought a pre-war colonial house and rebuilt it himself. I adore the vaulted ceilings and exposed bricks. It's hard to image that when he bought the home there were no floors or ceilings.

image via Tenniswood Blog

Sometimes less is more, as in the case of author, Jane Riley. Her blog, The Girl in the Brick House, is all about the trials she is facing as she builds a house from scratch. I love simplicity of this micro desk. I know if I was living there that I'd have taken over the entire space. 

The home office of Ryann Ford sparkles in the radiance of a well-edited furniture floor plan. 

image via Design Darling

If you're looking for more stately ideas, might I suggest an architectural intriguing space. 

image via Decor Pad
If that can't happen, find a desk that makes a stately statement.

Suzie: dens/libraries/offices - mirrored desk star chandelier pewter lamp built-ins white parquet wood floors office  Cool Pottery Barn lighting!
image via Decor Pad
Well, as I sit at my own untidy desk, staring out the window at soft snow falling to the ground, I realize I've got a novel to write. No kidding. At least I don't have to type it!

image via Bijou Kaleidoscope

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