Sunday, September 5, 2010

Around Town: Neighborhood Style

Sparkle with Dac Jac Jewelry & Show Off Fresh Flowers from Burst.
198 Walnut Avenue, Toronto 

Queen Street West in Toronto is a hip and eclectic neighborhood that can feed you well, dress you in custom designed jewelry, restore your faith in small independent bookstores, and get you feeling crafty. Let's go shopping! My first shop was a store named Burst. It has been in the neighborhood for 6 years and is a gem of spot. The owner,  Dayle Crawford, has the ingenuis idea to combine both of his passion, which  happen to be flower arrangements and jewelry design. He is literally bursting with style!

Inside Burst with Owner Dayle Crawford

I adore Dayle's jewelry line, sold at Burst, which is called Dac Jac. I was completely smitten with his crystal jewelry pieces. The crystal cuts are fantastic and reminded me of my sister and I playing with my grandmother's chandelier. We used to remove crystals and wear them like earrings or hang them on our shirts like necklaces. Of course, we always got in big trouble, but it was so worth it everytime. Now, I can wear crystals properly, feel like a princess, and not get in trouble!! These crystals are one of a kind. This necklace is called Parfum Champagne Silk lovely!

Check out Dac Jac for a complete selection of his amazing jewerly!

Around the corner, I discovered two very sweet shops. Type Bookstore and The Paper Place. Preloved was another awesome store, but I was a bit short on time to check it out. I believe that Preloved upcycled clothes. There were great designs in their window.

I headed to The Paper Place. Who doesn't love gorgeous handmade papers to get the creative juice flowing?

The Paper Place 887 Queen St. West

Unlike The Paper Source of the States, The Paper Place seemed to have a specific focus on caligraphy tools and papers, and chiyogami. Of course, there is no limit to the use of paper except for the imagination. If you can't make it in, then check out their blog, it is awesome and filled with fabulous tips and news. 

The Paper Place Blog-ideas on using eco-luxe baker's twine.
They also had an amazing wedding dress made out of, yep, you guessed it, paper. I wanted to touch it so badly, but didn't!

Paper Wedding Dress at The Paper Place
It was time for me to head next door to Type Bookstore. I love the aprons!

Type Bookstore 883 Queen Street, Toronto

Inside I found so many unusual titles that I wish I had a huge shopping cart to fill with books.  I am a sucker for chandeliers....can you see why I like this place so much?

Books on the table featured local food guides, cookbooks, and gardening.
The back room is filled with magical books for children and there is another chandelier, too!! Sweet!

There are tons of surprising!

Time to go, but I had to take a few last snaps before leaving the neighborhood. Aren't these home fabulous? I like the wood accents. These homes remind me of  home in Venice Beach.

Narrow entrances, but grand windows.

Okay, I would have added more windows on this angle of the building. As it is it looks too much like the side of a prison. What do you think?


PearlsAndGreenTea said...

The paper at that paper store look amazing and I can't believe they made a wedding dress out of paper!

Chloe Bird said...

Type is by FAR my favourite bookstore in Toronto! Glad you found it!