Saturday, October 2, 2010

Go Locale!

I experienced total bliss, akin to hanging out in heaven, on the day that I discovered a new shop called Locale. What was it that grabbed my heart? Well, the turquoise bird had me at hello. I loved the artwork.  The natural wood display was another wonderful touch.

In fact, I found artwork everywhere at this shop. Art was placed in glass cases under bracelets for sell. You can see a beautiful eagle underneath the next shot.

There is another painting of an animal under a display of scarves. Notice the gallery tag on the lower right. 

Something must be going on here. There were gallery tags, hello...I finally asked the shop girl. I found out all the artwork is for sale. Locale showcases artists to sell their work side by side the handbags, shoes, and accessories they sell. Total heaven! There is a chalkboard wall devoted to providing a bit of info on the artist, too.

The last image that one gets to enjoy is on the way out. This is the postcard image, literally, they hand out postcards promoting the artist showing! Now the question is which pair of shoes and is that a a bird or a bear? Look closely, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Nice ghost chair, too!! XOXO & Go Locale!

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