Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meg's Haven


If you missed the few photos posted at Elle Decor or Yahoo Shine, or if you aren't planning on buying the June issue of Elle Decore, then I can't let you miss out on the Meg Ryan's splendid summer haven. It is every bit the sort of romantic softness that Meg embodies on the silver screen, but without all the fuss, make-up, and touch-up. Meg's home is defined by raw beauty, simple textures, and a dreamy harmonic color palette.

The love affair with Meg and this house started with a trip to Martha's Vineyard. She was stunned by the beautiful seven acre property. Using some assistance with Marsha Russell of Satinwood interior design firm, she built the stage for uncomplicated living. I love the vintage sign above the dining table. I adore the overall beach feel of this home, which is a look I have loved since my teenage years spent growing up in the beach cities of SoCal. This is a look that is very common from Manhattan Beach to Corona Del Mar. It's no wonder, either? It's all about living live with ease! No huge fuss! It also works with kids, too. They just have to leave the dirty rompers at the door!

Heavenly, right? I love the vintage-looking scones. They steal the show. The hardware on the door is a nice touch as well.

A pop of color from a throw tossed over a armchair and the electric color of nature make this space compelling. I want to sit for hours, reading books, drinking ice tea, and spending quality time near my loved ones. Isn't that what living the life really means?

{images via Yahoo Shine}

Meg has always had such a wonderful way of striking at the heart and it doesn't surprise me that her home has the same effect on me. Now...I need to bike to the grocery store to get this month's Elle Decor! I feel so inspired by these five images alone! 

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annechovie said...

I love Meg's flower sign. Have a terrific wknd. - thanks so much for your sweet comment and support! xx