Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shopping Around Town: Hotel Gelato and other Random shots of Toronto

Today I did it...I downloaded photos from my camera phone. I have tons of think of this post as eye candy or a quick shopping spree around town. Leave the credit cards at home and let's shop! 


I love Lush and their displays are so yummy. Don't they look like cupcakes?

Another hip Toronto window display on Queen Street. I love the volume of the blue dress in contrast to the yellow cocktail dress.

Everyone wants to feel red carpet, even when shopping. The disco ball on the red velvet ropes makes me laugh!

Vespa, bird houses, and street cars...only in Toronto!

This is a window display that may have been used at malls across North America, but I still love the luggage and the pictures of travel. Toronto is filled with lots of fun architectural contrasts...

Modern versus Tradition. Which do you like better?

I love the contrast in architecture of old row-like buildings with the new condos that are exploding everywhere. I hope that Toronto retains some of its character instead of bulldozing down all of its old buildings. What about cars? Do you like vintage or new?

I took this picture of a new-ish Lambo because I loved the license plate..perfect for a cold weather city!

Back to shopping....I'm more about frocks!

This shot was taken in front of Ginger's Closet in Port Credit. It's a shop filled with cocktail dresses and beautiful frocks for bridesmaid that want to look hip. Isn't that blue royal?

Speaking of weddings..this wedding gown steals the cake! All this shopping I need a break. Thanks to one of the gals I did the Opera with she took me to one of the best secrets in Uptown Toronto..HOTEL GELATO!!

A little blurry because I can't get over how awesome the decor is for a Toronto gelato shop. I'm almost starting to think I'm in Italy! What a beautiful espresso machine, perhaps the loveliest I've ever seen!

Iced espresso and cold gelato...a perfect summer hit! The mojito gelato was a stunning flavor.

At the end of all the camera pics, nothing beats the images of this...

A couple hand in hand waiting to cross a street together...ah...that's what summer is about!

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Candice said...

really really cool photos...are these all from a PHONE? i cant take photos that good on my camera! haha, cool pics anyway :)