Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stylist Obsession: Margot Austin

There are those that are taste makers and those that imitate having taste. In the case of Margot Austin, she is the former. She naturally has an eye for creating beauty, enhancing interiors, and creating style. She has cultivated a long career as a stylist, magazine editor-currently she's at Style at Home, and she a fabulous decorator. I am totally loving this collection of images which were created at her home in Tweed, Ontario (say where? LOL!). Who cares! Her home is an impeccable expression of her decorating sensibility. I feel this first shot captures her effortless ability to create simple, elegant, and inviting spaces. 

This is a dream rustic kitchen. Actually, it feels rustic but this kitchen has all the bells and whistles. I love how intimate the space feels. The lantern truly transforms this kitchen. Her kitchen did appear as part of a 36-page spread on kitchens in Style at Home September 2007. It's a great issue if you can pick up a back copy. 

Margot has mixed American Shaker references with Scandinavian touches. The shaker cabinets located to the left are a perfect compliment to the modern aluminum stool on the right.

Here is Margot working in the shot...

This next shot is a great behind the scenes, real life, kind of shot! I love her bulldog.

Now the question is what to eat! 

Margot is overflowing with style. She also remodeled and styled a bathroom in her house. It is so inviting, feminine, and modern.

Margot once again proves that any style, period, and influence can work together. There is the ceramic barrel stool mixed with the vintage curio cabinet. I love the marble countertops the white tile and accent pieces. Isn't this shower curtain heavenly? The chrome waterfall bathtub fixture is total paradise.

Her choice in retrofitting an old cabinet with the sink basin is perfect.

Last but not least, want a peek inside that vintage curio cabinet?

Ah...what an inspiration! Check out more of Margot Austin's work at her website!


Amy C said...

beautiful, I love her paint colors.

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