Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Steps to Moving into a New Home

Crunch time is on! We are set to move into our beautiful new loft. I've done a bunch of prep work to get ready for the big day. 

Step 1: Create a Floor Plan.

The first thing I did was create a floor plan. My best friend, husband, real estate agent, and mother-in-law all helped with the measuring. Creating a floor plan is as simple as taking a measuring tape to the space, creating a rough diagram sketch of the space and noting the measurements. After I had everything on paper, I went home and used a scale ruler to create a more precise floorplan. Never used a scale ruler? No problem-here is a great article on how to use a scale ruler.. Or you can plug your numbers into a CAD program like HGTV Home Software Design or Microspot MacDraft Pro...but you don't have to have all those bells and whistles. For me, I keep it simple.

Here is my handy-dandy work, which wasn't perfect, more like a super quick draft, but its still workable. As it is with never have enough time!

Once you have the floor plan, measure all of your furniture pieces. Using your trusty scale rule or furniture templates, draw and cut them out onto paper. I used black construction paper and a silver marker. After you have all the furniture pieces in hand, your next step is to consider function. 

Step 2: Establish the Function of the Room.

What do you want to do with the room? What is the function? What are your wants & needs?

{image via Desire to Inspire}

I started to place the furniture that we have on the floor plan. Spaces like kitchen and living room can be obvious on how to space plan, but sometimes there are extra functions that need to happen. In the case of the second bedroom, I work from home and our second bedroom will be turned into my office. We also have want to have an option for guests to spend the night if they like. It's a common issue with extra bedrooms sharing two funtions. So play around with your funiture cut-outs to discover the best layout. It's so much easier than moving furniture.

Step 3: Create Harmony and Balance in your Home.

{image via Hidden in France}

I also want to have a home that feels warm, serene, fresh, and balanced. I based my final layout plans on the principles of feng shui. I had always seen stuff on TV about feng shui, but never really thought to use it in my life. I happen to bump into a few books that really changed my comfort levels at home.  For instance, we used to have our bed directly under our bedroom window. In feng shui, this is terrible because the energy is off. The book I have went on to describe that people who sleep with their heads under the window never feel really settled or safe (someone could literally break that window over your sleeping head and have an advantage).  I moved the bed and it was the difference between night and day.  Why not have a little extra luck & good chi flowing through your home? As I read more, I discovered that most of the furniture placements suggested by feng shui principles are improvements to a space. The whole idea of feng shui is to improve the movement in a space, reflect nature, and live in harmony. Who doesn't want that? The books that I used are by Lillian Too. Check them out at her awesome website.

I've been encouraged by tons of other books, magazines, and blogs, too. These are some of the tools that I used to help with the process of moving! As soon as I am settled into our new place, I'll update with photos and get back to new posts!! See you then!


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