Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank You Town & Country Magazine for Sharing our Wedding Photos!


Isn't it odd that I never shared my wedding last year at Modern Girl Style? I thought it'd bore you to tears that my husband and I were married in Maui on June 7, 2008. Well...the truth was I was too busy to share! However, I did manage to send off photos to Town & Country magazine. Tick-tock...never heard back from them. Over a year later, I got an email from the Wedding editor that they wanted to include our wedding photos in the September 2009 issue! It seems that T&C has quite a backlog and they liked our photos. The rest is history and now my hubby & I have got our faces printed in the magazine and sold around the world. I have to also say that when I was in high school I read tons of magazine and it was always a dream of mine to get my wedding photo published in Town & Country. So some dreams do come true! Here is the picture from the magazine and a few more of my favorite wedding photos. It's funny! I have been so excited about this and I still posted about it late! LOL! Did I mention that I was late to my own wedding? Just as my grandmother always said...

I also have to mention that our wedding was green. We chose to host a website instead of printing invitations & programs. Our wedding was conducted on the beach with the rule of leaving the beach cleaner than it was. In all it was a beautiful and serene experience! We can't thank Aekai Beach Weddings enough. Our amazing photographer was Arien Sherman!

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