Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I want Serenity in Bridgehampton!


If you shaped the careers of people from Michael Jackson to Barbara Streisand, your name is probably talent manager Sandy Gallin. Not only does Sandy have the style to sculpt careers, he has got the style to flip multi-million dollars homes. Yes, Sandy is a flipper and his most recent home to hit the market is totally amazing! It took three lots of land and four years to craft this unbelievable 6,500 sq. ft. home. I'm not usually into homes over 4000 sq. ft, but this one rocks. It's time to meet Serenity in Bridgehampton, which Sandy named for the space he created for the mind, body, & soul.

The setting alone looks like something our of a picture book. I love how rustic the house feels and the serenity of the outdoor gardens. It appears very low-key and doesn't quite look as big as it is. The house sits on 14 acres and has a 1.5 acre pond.  Perfect for those who really want to get away from it all! I love this next image of an outdoor entertaining space. Wouldn't this be a great place to hang with friends & family? I can almost image the fireflies.

Time to go inside. A stunning hallway always sets the tone. I love the lantern because it sets the tone for the entire house, which is rustic, modern, and enchanting.

White on white still works and will always feel fresh. The flowers help to capture the nature and add nice splashes of color.

The kitchen is gorgeous. The island helps to create a space of unity, but I'm not too sure if I'd like having the second oven and microwave so far away. I think I could learn to live with it! I love the black knobs. They tie in well with the floors.

This informal dining nook captured my heart at hello. The stacked wood, so simple, works as an amazing architectural-like feature. The leaning photographs under the cabinets are another great touch and only work when you really have the space to spread out. The chairs remind me of my grandparents, but that just adds some soul to the space.

Need a drink? This bar is fantastic. I love the textures and textiles used in this space.

The formal dining room isn't so formal. It's made for living. The built-in window seat is great for tired children or for just gazing out the window. The chandelier looks like a custom Murano-glass, but I'm not certain. Isn't it interesting how all of these very unique pieces work together? The yellow flowers in the hallway are perfectly placed.

Tired after all that wining and dining? Let's head upstairs where dreams are real.

It reminds me of the Hampton house in Something's Got to Give. I love how the bed looks against the office space, but who wants to work where you sleep? I'd change the office space to a cozy reading nook. Let's look at another bedroom.

Wonderful, right! The stark palette of white, black, and wood is amazing. Isn't the painting fantastic. It makes this space so modern. Last but not least, time to freshen up.

Lovely, serene, beautiful! I want some serenity now!!! Get more on this home at Curbed!

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