Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweets in the Kitchen

desire to inspire - - Johnny Miller

Life has been so domestic lately. My little 12 month-old angel seems to only be cool with me doing lots of cooking and baking in the kitchen. She likes to sit at the end of the kitchen and look through all of my cookbooks while I work. Lately, she has really been loving my books on ice cream and gelato. It's made me feel inspired to pull my ice cream maker out and get something going.  I want to make something that's in season. Using the August Guide to Fruits and Veggies, I thought Apricot-Basil Ice Cream sounded amazing. Guess what? I've got the recipe! 

Grab the Apricot-Basil Ice Cream Recipe from Domestic Fits and take a seat in this kitchen. It's the sweetest way to beat the end of summer heat!


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