Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Afternoon Ideas to Beat the Heat!

Afternoon Ideas to Beat the Heat!

1. Create. 

Draw. Dance. Paint. Sew. Doodle. Write. Ahem, shameless plug for my Ink My Heart Creative Writing Workshop. Take 15 minutes to do something when the heat is hot this summer! image via UnCovet

2. Shop.

Hello I love Emerson Fry!

3. Swim.

Take the plunge anywhere you can! Why not here? Read more on Minimalist Home Design while you're at it!


4. Love.

Yeah, this one is the best of all! Give someone you love a hug! Pic from here.

Hug, hug

Did you catch that? Why not try to write that little story that has been haunting you for years! Ink My Heart is the perfect way to get the juices flowing!

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