Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sewing Project #3: Double Off-Shoulder Dress

It ain't perfect! That's the first thought I had when I tried it on, but the base layer is! This dress was sewn from Built by Wendy: Dress Book. I love this book, so forget what the reviews say! I drafted the pattern, cut the fabric, and then stalled for too long. I wasn't sure how to sew single-fold bias tape to the neck line, but I found this awesome tutorial and it was full steam ahead! 
I created the top, sheer layer, first. I will admit that I'm not to happy with the overall look of the top layer. I quickly hemmed it, knowing I wasn't going to be all that happy with it. I think that this top layer is just going to be worn on days when I'm in the mood for it. I'm don't like that you can't tell that I'm wearing two off-shoulder dress that are criss-crossed over another. It ends up being a bit too conservative for me! Here is a better view...I should have moved my hair for this shot! 

NOTES ON SEWING: This was a snap to sew! It was truly really easy. Drafting the pattern took forty-five minutes, so it was easy too. I find that I really enjoy copying patterns to paper and then altering them. This is a real education, unlike just cutting commercial patterns. The Built by Wendy series is wonderful at encouraging newbie to advanced seamstress to create their own patterns! Once you master a few basic patterns, the sky is the limit! The sheer dress for this sewing project might work better if I lengthen the shoulder strap and lowered it. I'll give that a try to see if it helps. I also notice in every shot that the hem seems to be pulled up on the right-which is something else to fix. That sort of thing annoys me! I also want to say that I was going to wear killer BCBG heels that my husband bought for me, but I was on mommy duty so I went with something more basic. My belt is from Mexx, a fantastic European/Canadian store that I've been loving as of late! I'll post some looks soon from there soon! 

We literally had enough time to snap these shots off and dash before it rained! 
What about this location? Ahem...This is the building that was used for Police Academy! It used to be an old insane asylum, then it was used in the movie, and now it is Humber College! 
I'm getting ready for Summer! That means more outfits to sew! Up next on my plate is a Racer-Back Tank!  


Hopeinhighheels said...

oh, very nice! I think it looks fabulous, and particularly love the top half - one shoulder in each material type. I think I'll learn to sew vicariously through you for the moment!

Radhia Fiona said...


i came across your blog while browsing the Internet
you have a lovely blog
i love your dress and its prints, you look beautiful in it :)

kisses from france

Luisa Lion said...

hey there great blog and very cool pictures do you live in engladn or where is this? And you really saw that dress yourself?