Monday, April 2, 2012

Buy it or Make it: Paper Bag Skirts

My love affair with paper bag skirts started at Emerson Fry. What I didn't realize was how easy this is to make at home. A paper bag skirt refers to the waist line of the skirt, which has a ruffled top that can flop over or stand tall, like it has been starched.  It can be belted or cinched tight with elastic, or both. Therefore, the first image isn't a true paper bag skirt-I just love the image.

{image from gipsy scarlet}}
Since my craft room has become an atelier {laugh now}, I am en route to sewing my own paper bag skirt. I'll publish photos when the project is done, but here are a few resources for those that want to tackle a paper bag skirt and links to those that just want to buy it!

Buy it: High & Low Options

Here is the High Option for the paper bag skirt by Emerson Fry at $228 in Linen.

{The Emerson Fry Paper Bag Skirt that I'm crushing on}
The more affordable option is the ASOS Paper Bag Waisted Skirt in Linen at $50. 

{ASOS Skirt: $50}

What about options for the little girls in our life?

This paper bag skirt at Boutique Mia. It sewn for infant to girl sizes, which darn, I'm too small to fit! LOL!  For the crafty girls, here are my favorite tutorials from across the web.

Make it!

Easy full skirt
  • Bored & Craft: This tutorial appears on a quick read to be more advanced. There are pockets, oh my, but it is also fairly simple. 

  • If you love the skirt for a little girl, here is the tut to get it made! Sew Love It


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Love this post - we are also crazy about this style of skirt - and the shorts version :) very cute and sexy . well spotted! 

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Once again Kami you proved how much style you got!!! We need to get you your show on tv!!

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Fantastic post, thankyou for all the links!!