Monday, April 30, 2012

Buy it or Make it: Swimwear

Are you swooning for summer? I am! I love summer, swimsuits, and oceans to swimming pools. Have you noticed that Kate Spade has launched a Swimwear line for the first time! I was so excited. Here is a preview.

Kate Spade Debut Swimwear 2012

Now, I actually love to swim, soak in hot tubs, or paddle on surf boards. Imagine my surprise when I found out these swimsuits are $358 {gasp!} and you can't wear them into hot tubs {double-choke!!}. I don't care if Kate Spade swimsuits come with a free ring, I ain't going to do that! I quickly checked out some other options, including making my own swimwear. I'll let you guess what I'm up to now...

Buy it or Make it: Swimwear

Club Monaco offers the above Brazilian-made and produced bathing suit by ViX. At $154, I'd want something that looks sweet and sexy. In black, the same suit can be found for sell online, and it does looks much better in black. Taupe is a fantastic color for carmel skined bathing beauties, but in general I feel that it just isn't a "hot" color for beach or pool situations. I do like the styling of the Club Monaco swimwear shot.  It makes the swimsuit look much sweeter. 

There is a fabulous blog, The Bikini Fashionista,  that can help you want to spend every last nickel you own on a swimsuit. There are so many options to inspire your summer style. A few of my favorites:

Agua de Coco Swimwear {worn by Fergie & Victoria Secret Models alike}
C. Miya Swim {Fresh from Maui & Sold on Etsy}
Let's Make it: Swimwear Sewing Resources

Now that my inspiration is in order, I want to get creative this summer and MAKE IT! I bought Kate Spade-inspired fabric, which has a sweet polka-dot pattern. I picked up a very basic pattern and found some really amazing tutorials out there. Here are my resources:

Kwik Sew Patterns are awesome. Lots of styles to select from. 


Kwik Sew Pattern 3779 could easily be modified to create something like the Kate Spade Swimsuit. 

Want a truly vintage sewing pattern? Etsy has tons for those that dare!

Discover the best sewing notions, like elastic, s-hooks, and speciality fabric at Sew Sassy Fabrics

Tutorials & Free Swimwear Patterns

It's hard to believe. Free tutorials, tips, and even patterns on the web! That can save you literally a hundred or more bucks, which can translate into more margaritas at the beach!

Burda Vintage Alison Swimwear Pattern 
Luck & Bliss Tutorial on Swimwear Sewing: There are awesome photos too!

I also like the clarity of Total Stitchin post on how to sew a swimsuit. 

There are two parts to the tut, one for the bathing suit bottom and the second for the top.

Good Luck! Happy Shopping or Sewing! Remember, Summer is about having fun and R&R!

Let me know what you did in the end. Did you Buy it or Make it?

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