Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here's to You, Jeanwest!

One of the aspects I love about blogging is meeting new people, places, and things. This post is a loving shout-out to my loyal readers at Jeanswest that have been reading my blog for the last few years.  More importantly, the Australian & New Zealand denim outfitters have beautiful news! They are celebrating forty years in the business this year. Since the thought of sewing my own pair of denim jeans is like the idea of me flying a spaceship to the moon, I'm going to drool over these beautiful images by Jeanswest. Who wouldn't want to be wearing a pair of these?!


Paps said...

Will check her blog out. Like her style.

hope in high heels said...

how fabulous to see Jeanswest here... it's like my go-to brand for casual wear when I'm back home in Australia!

Mintyla said...

Beautiful <3

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