Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tips to Conquer Clutter

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I crave order in my life. I can't deny it. Clutter doesn't work for my creative process. So why does it continue to show up?  I could easily mention being a new mother, but I hate excuses. Things get cluttered as I focus on a project. I focus on accomplishing my project, be it writing or sewing a dress, like a hunter chasing prey. And the end result is just as gory! Here are three tips to help people like me conquer clutter!

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Tip #1: Clean-up After You Are Done Working!
What a no-brainer! But, Hello, I never ever do this! In 5 minutes, you can manage to piece back your work space to something you enjoy approaching the following morning. If you don't have five minutes, then take three. The point is to take the time to freshen your space up. An entire living room can be straighten in five minutes. Try this for one week or longer in order to make this a habit.
Tip #2: Organize Supplies into Mason Jars

A quick and easy storage solution is the mason jar. You can buy them new from places like the grocery store, Walmart, or Target, but you can buy old vintage versions from the thrift store. Make sure if you buy used that there isn't any rust on the lids or strangeness inside the jars. If the lids are rusted, you can recycle them and buy new lids. I love mason jars to organize supplies because they are handy and inexpensive. Once you are done working on a project, simply return items to mason jars. Get your supplies in order so that they will be easy to reach for later. You'll also save time not having to look for supplies.

Tip #3: Stack Similar Items Together

Group similar items into a neat stack. Once you have stacks of things together, make a decision on if you need it. Stacks are great ways to start the process of decluttering. You can easily sort through items and see if you have multiple items. You can quickly identify if there are items that you haven't used in six months to a year. If you don't use it, toss it. You don't need to save every last item. Keep what you need and reap the good karma of passing things forward to a thrift store. Your mind will love you, your heart will be inspired, and your body will actually be able to move around your home once again! 

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