Monday, February 13, 2012

Drafting a Shift Dress: Step #1-Draft the Concept

{I'm not the only girl thinking about shift dress-read more at Oh Joy} 
NYC Fashion Week is in full swing and I personally love reading the updates from blogs like Habitually Chic to Olivia Palermo's Personal Blog (Did you know that Rachel Zoe launched a line of clothes? Read about it at Olivia's blog).  

{Moschino Bracelet Sleeve Shift Dress.}

The classic shift dress history began as the inner most layer of 18th century women's costume. The wealthier the 18th century girl, the finer and whiter the fabric. Most women wore the shift dress in coarse and half-bleached linens. Today's lady wears it in endless fabrics, colors, and design. Although, I've randomly decided to learn how to sew in 2012. I've been inspired by the Built by Wendy Sewing Books to draft my own patterns. 

In less than five minutes I had a quick sketch for an idea-one that I plan to execute! How did I create this idea? I used my adoration of pencil skirts and combined it with holding up the fabric to my body in a mirror. I studied the way the fabric draped and made a note of it. My drawing happened as soon as I touched the pencil to paper. Here is a closer look at the notes for this idea.

Strangely enough, I'm not the first to think of an idea like this! In my hunt for images of beautiful shift dress, I found a Milly dress very similar to my own sketch. But I want that pencil skirt silhouette with an angular neckline. When I played with draping the neckline with the material I have for this project, I wanted something angular, yet draped like the Milly dress. I will be the first to admit that sewing the Milly dress is out of my sewing league for the moment, so I'll stick to my concept!

So...I've done the first part of this project. I've drafted a concept for my shift dress. Next, I'll have to modify it. That should be the interesting part! Stay tuned for the next post in this series. Want to shop for something or get inspired to draft your own project, then let me suggest Milly! Worn by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow {I should have known that she'd wear these gorgeous clothes!), Victoria Beckham, and Beyonce, who knows, maybe you'll end up with something by Michelle Smith, designer of Milly, too! I love her refreshing profile pic, too!

Can I mention quickly that she is wearing a modified shift dress? She has modified the classic dress by removing the sleeves, adding ruffles, and selecting an amazing lace fabric. The world of shift dress is truly limitless!

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