Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Resources to Draft a Sewing Pattern

Gathered Hemlock Dress by Anthropologie

Can I ever stop posting images of beautiful dresses? I was extremely smitten by the pencil dress created by D&G (the floral dress below) & DKNY. It is truly a wardrobe staple.

DKNY Ultimate Stretch Cotton Pencil Dress.jpg

As you know, I'm not an atelier sewing pro! When I need to know how to learn something, I utilize the Web. Since I'm a loving blogger, I want to share my research with you! Here is an easy resource list to help any girl learn how to draft patterns:

{Dress the Shift Dress up by Material Choice. Image Source}

I started by collecting a few Free Patterns from the web. I don't have to start from complete scratch. I can start with something that I can modify. Here are the most interesting links to the resources I found:

If you have anymore suggestions, please leave a link! 

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Flora said...

Thanks for adding my blog frills and Flares to the free pattern sources list.