Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where am I? Where am I going? Or Welcome to 2012!!

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Can it already be four days into the New Year?! I've been busy getting my daughter her US citizenship and now that that hustle is over and the holiday is packed up and put away. I'm back at my desk and wondering where was I before Thanksgiving and where am I going? Have you had a chance to slow down enough in 2012 to ask yourself these same questions?

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It's a hard question...what do I want out of life. It sounds easy if you win the lottery, but unless that happens a girl needs plenty of mojo to tackle the true desires of the heart.

My own resolution list carries the hallmarks of typical wants:

  1. Finish my novel in January! It's been a long time coming, but I will finish this project!
  2. Publish, publish, publish!! Hopefully my non-fiction proposal gets just one editor in a frenzy!
  3. This one is traditional...Get healthy and fit by exercising six days a week for at least 30 minutes.
  4. On that same note, I want to ensure that I take time to cook and/or bake healthy and clean meals.
  5. I resolve to take a class with my baby girl, something like a play class or a mommy and baby yoga class.
  6. Practice French 30 minutes a day. Our girl will be going to french immersion school, so I have to bone up on my skills to assist her down the line!
  7. Sew a quilt and a few garments for my or my baby.
  8. Spend time being creative and making art. Be it photographs, prints, or drawings.
  9. I will take a trip and have some fun before I hit the last resolution...{hee hee..}
  10. Pay off all debt and save for the future!

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If all this forward thinking has got you drifting out to sea, perhaps you need to reflect on where you've been. In fact, this post was entirely prompted by the beautiful and amazing blog, Studio Q, that proposed any visitor to leave a list of all accomplishments that a girl made in 2011. At first, I was like I didn't accomplish anything...then it hit me hard! I did so much! I really got important task, life goals, accomplish last year. Head over to Studio Q blog to add your own comment, to get your head clear, and be inspired by others!! The journey is worth the effort, this journey is all about you!

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hope in high heels said...

hmmm... I haven't sat down and thought about 2012 yet. Far too busy relaxing and spending time with my four young nieces (which has been lovely!. Must get onto it so I can set myself up for the year, thanks for the inspiration!