Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Eatery Toronto

September 2011 marked the launch of the Eaton Center's {Toronto's Mega Mall located downtown} new food court. The design is impressive. The large atrium marks the entrance to the space. It feels more like a corporate food court or dorm cafeteria. Actually, I lost count with all the students studying in the food court.

The metal gates indicate each fast food eatery. The design modern and fresh.

I love the use of Le Creuset pots to keep Indian curry hot for customers. The presentation is flawless.

Another example of the divisions between each fast food eatery.  There was also the option to each in several different nooks. I love the retro ball lights with the interesting orange textured wall.
In an ode to public health, there were several stations for people to wash their hands before and after eating. However, I didn't see anyone using it. A new concept that will develop with more exposure. 
A bit blurry, but more examples of the modern dining areas. I expect that this food court should age well. Once more note, there is also an option to drink from dine-in glasses. I wonder how long it will take before most of them disappear, but image how much money and waste is being saved. Sustainability and good design..who could ask for more?

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