Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Weeks Left on Operation Declutter

Image via Mer Mag Blog
Last week was a scratch for organizing because my husband and I took a last minute trip to Indianapolis to visit with my sister and nephew. It was so worth it! Indy has got tons of flavor and the art scene is fabulously sweet. I'll post photos once I file manage them off my 4G card. Until then, I've got two weeks to finalize Operation Declutter. Here is my list of things to do:

Reminder List for Operation Declutter
  1. Organize my art supplies and toss out the stuff I haven't used.
  2. Streamline my home office. Prepare for its move to the upstairs loft. This includes downloading photos and saving old photo libraries to my external hard drive. 
  3. Toss more books! Why is this one so difficult for me?!
  4. Organize the kitchen & pantry.
  5. Prepare for a very special super mystery job. This one is a secret so far! It's going to involve a room flip, painting, and a new furnishings. More on that later.
I hope that I can manage to make this list happen because it is a pretty tall order!

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