Saturday, April 9, 2011

Modern Girl Style Spring Makeover

Pool Siesta. 8x8. Watercolor & Pencil. By Me ;)

This morning I woke up filled with creative spirit. I grabbed my watercolors and started creating the place I wanted to really wanted be, which was back home in California. The rush of water with color just didn't stop after I completed my first watercolor sketch, above. I went on to watercolor the new banner for Modern Girl Style. I like the spring feel of the colors, but I'm not sure how long it will last. I might get inspired by new watercolors or images that will suddenly change the appearance of my blog. That is what a makeover is, a suddenly jolt of inspiration mixed with action. One last bit of good news, I was cast into another opera! No, I don't sing. This time I will be dancing a bit and mixing in with the chorus to make it appear larger to the audience. We actually had to learn a routine and perform it to the director. I was in heels, of course, and we had to dance on a stage that was on a forty-five degree incline covered in a material that looks like a crazy cave! The things a girl will do! I hope you're having as much fun and playing this weekend. That is what life is about! Play, style, fun, and happiness, get as much of it as you can!  

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