Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Artistic Representation: The Art of Michelle Morelan Design

Jacquie Cao Interior Rendered by Michelle Morelan Designs
Designing a room is more than a trip to Pottery Barn. I love nothing more than to browse through the initial design concepts for kitchens, baths, and residential design. This morning I was delighted when I came across the artwork of Michelle Morelan, an illustrator, interior designer, and blogger that also offers rendering workshops. Her sketches are inspirational.
Whistler Bedroom Rendered by Michelle Morelan Designs

Morelan is a Vancouver based interior designer who adores creating custom drawing available for framing, stationary, and as gifts. She also sells beautiful art card sets at her Etsy shop, too. Her Amsterdam sketch is lovely!

Sketches of Amsterdam, set of 10 art cards
Rendered by Michelle Morelan Designs

However, her marker and pen illustrations of interiors are just amazing!

[qualicum pool ideas 1[8].jpg]
Rendered by Michelle Morelan Designs

She has a beautiful Flickr set that you must visit! Now check out the translation of drawing to room, or vice versa. She really is that good!
Rendered by Michelle Morelan Designs

Here are a few more illustrations to leave you enchanted. Stop by Michelle's blog to get daily inspiration.

Rendered by Michelle Morelan Designs

I recognize this Kelly Wearstler design anywhere! Michelle does a stunning translation of it. 

Rendered by Michelle Morelan Designs
The Kelly Wearstler Room.

Image via Glamour Shoes 
What does her desk look like? What might we find in her art supplies? Michelle offers amazing visual insight into her process. I love artist materials shots. What a perfect way to end the post!



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