Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Operation Declutter: Tips to Declutter Your Beauty & Makeup Routine

Last weekend,  I managed to declutter and edit my makeup down to a 5 minute work station. This gem of an idea is well described in Carmindy's The 5 Minute Face. I could still  cut back on the amount of eyeliners I have, but I wasn't yet able to do that. Eyeliner is so versatile and it  can change the shape and look of the eye immediately. I've been a fiend for eyeliner and I realized I forgot to shoot 4 other liquid eyeliners that I am constantly using. Perhaps, I still need to revaluate the next question.

I have a vast collection of Boots No. 7 and Quo, a brand of makeup only sold in Canada. Quo has amazing pigments and a fantastic price point.  My sister is a hair and make-up artist. She did my hair and my wedding makeup that were totally part of the reason our wedding photos ended up in Town & Country Magazine. Due to my clutter, I broke my brand new Pur Mineral base makeup compact

I tend to always head out to a department store, but my sister told me to head to the drug store. She insisted that I go for Loreal True Match instead. She swears that it is constantly being used on the runways and for photo shoots. Well, at that price, I'm in! I gave it a trial run and I can't believe the reception I got from wearing this new foundation, and I'm talking head turning kind-of attention!  Of course, I should add a  note the only man that matters in my life is my absolutely gorgeous husband, but a little attention never hurt a girl! My sister also convinced me to pick up Benefit High Beam. It's a great product that helps skin to radiate in the right places. You dab a bit on the high cheek bones, a slim line down the nose, and under the outer edges of the brow. Once you give it a try, you'll also realize that this bottle will last forever. Although, in all that excitement, do make sure to check when makeup is expired. I realized it had been over three months on my mascara so I opted to try Clinque's Lash Doubling Mascara

I love Bare Minerals eyeshadows, but I find that they aren't quick and easy. Instead, I found that I was able to condense the eyeshadows and lipsticks I need during the week into one quick and easy compact. I bought Quo, but Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette is another fantastic choice. 

I actually use the above kit all the time. I'm surprised it looks so good on camera! However, when you take care of stuff and you have the proper space to work, then the result is less wear on goods. Now I always finish my 5-minute face with Pur Minerals cheek blush, which I don't have to use because my makeup kit includes blush, but the color is really fantastic on me. Sometimes, I look groggy in the morning and I use Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brighter. I use this product when after I've applied my foundation or tinted moisturizer. The absolute last part of my 5 minute face is lip gloss or lip liner. I love this nude lip liner by Boots No. 7.

Declutter Makeup Tips

  1. What are your makeup essentials? During the week, I suggest that you clear out your makeup tools and only use what is needed for a 5-minute makeup application. Learn more from Carmindy.
  2. Consolidate your base makeup. Make sure you buy quality and that the makeup shades work for you. When buying foundation or tinted moisturizer, view the test color strips in natural sunlight. If the color blends, then its a match. In the winter, drop down by one shade if you're living in a cold climate and don't get much sunshine.
  3. Organize your brushes into a container and make sure to wash them once a week! Enough said!
  4. You can move faster when your eye shadows, blush, and lip gloss are in one kit. I can't stress enough how much cabinet space this saves me!
  5. Pick a one favorite blush and one nude lip liner or gloss for the finishing touches. That's all it takes to ease your morning commute. You can even put together a 5 minute face kit for after work touch-ups. 

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