Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everything in It's Place!

Simplicity Rules in Spring 2011. Image by the amazing Furnnish.

Spring is blossoming into our life one day at a time. While the calendar is still ticking away to March 20th, which is the date that is the Vernal Equinox and is declared the first date of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere by the International Astronomical Union, I find myself wanting to declare a new season of abundance, creativity, hope, and love. Since my 40 day motto is less is more, I wanted to share a collection of amazing images without all the junk but with a sense of whismsy. 

Clean and clutter-less entry way by Erinn Valencich. Image Harmony and Home. 

Let's begin with kitchens. Growing up in the era of Martha Stewart, all I could dream about when I finally got my own was Kitchen Aid Mixer, Food Processor, and gobs of kitchen devices. I have a toaster, blender, juicer, citrus juicer, spice/coffee grinder, coffee maker, espresso machine, panini grill press, dehydrator, a massive rotisserie cooker, ice cream maker, and a ice grinding machine perfect for summer margaritas or ice-blended coffee drinks. Now, image cutting everything back to the basics...what might that look like?

A Breath of Fresh Air. Image by Furnnish

Everything in its Place. Image via So'mace Lifestyle

Clean surfaces. No appliances. Fresh design. Image.

Bedrooms count, too. Isn't that one reason why boutique hotels are so refreshing to stay in. It lacks the items that typically clutter a room. I love the bold pattern and plum colored bench at the foot of the bed. 

Sara Gilbane Bedroom

Another well designed bedroom. Bold prints add interest and the accessories draw the space into balance. Modern doesn't have to be cold and boring!  

Erinn Valencich Bedroom

Living rooms have the largest impact. Even if your life is filled with tons of kids, it doesn't have to be out of control! At least, not all of the time. Keep things organized and surfaces swept clean of clutter. Choose tough fabrics that can stand the abuse of messy hands or clumsy adults. 

Image via 30 Duo {sweet website, check it out!}

Modern furnishings compliment natural local touches. Image.
Now that you're inspired to improve the design of your home by going clutter-free, the only question is how do you want to spend all that free time enjoying the start of spring!

Grab a book or your favorite magazine and relax! Image via the awesome Perfectly Put Together.

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