Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let Winter Melt to Reveal Your Girlie Girl

Yes, every girl loves the layers of winter, but I can't wait for the snows to melt! I want to feel that fresh, feminine, and sweet. Nothing beats that transition to spring with a long soak to defrost from the cold. I love this fresh steel claw bathtub with the colorful tile photographed by Kathryn Russell {No. 1}. Of course, a lovely chandelier of frills, girlie color, and smart recycled materials can add drama no matter what season {No. 2}. These special chandeliers made by Magpie were snatched by the buyer, Keith Johnson of Anthropologie, and ended up in one of the Obama children's room! Very Girlie Girl! 

Keith Johnson South Africa Magpie

{Keith Shopping image via DomestiKated Life}

Time to shimmer with Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust.  Shimmer is the perfect touch for the girlie girl look. I always throw a hint of shimmer to my neck and shoulders. It's just so alluring! Sexy lingerie always helps too!

{Satin is ultimate Girlie Girl image via Victoria's Secret}

Need more ideas? New York Fashion Week 2010 is loaded with new inspirations for the girlie girl. Try something frilly and over the top, something eye catching, and head turning by Marchesa {No. 4}. The label is named aftered a socialite which makes sense as you wander their collection-so goddess, so fresh, so lovely...ah..now if spring would just arrive sooner then later!

{image via everyday facts}


ColeAndJosephine said...

Oh! That chandelier just rocked my face off! It is so freaking cool!

Queenie Bee said...

I love the BIG pink dress, now that outfit would definitely make an entrance!