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Every woman has experience the Big Breakup. You know the one. It
shakes our foundation, sends us running for cover, and makes us feel like
we never want to fall in love again. And even though it’s
a devastating natural disaster, after all the
mind-numbing, soul-stirring, heart-wrenching pain comes the pleasure: in
rediscovering yourself and your amazing life, of relishing in your
girlfriends’ company, and of eventually meeting someone new  --
someone who would have gone unmet had you not done through your breakup
in the first place.

Enter Lisa Steadman, a multiple breakup survivor, who shows you
just how to reinvent your breakup -- and your life.

Lisa Steadman, a.k.a. The Relationship Journalist

No more
, no more  “woe is me,” no more Sex &
The City
reruns.  With Steadman’s help, this celebratory survival guide
you see your Big Breakup not as a breakdown but as an opportunity to
break up with a relationship that's no longer working and move on.
With her Movin’ On plan, this breakup promises to be the first
of the rest of your relationship life!

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Breakups are inevitable life situations. Every woman has had at least one major breakup! The trouble is that many woman haven't got their head wrapped around the positive effects of a breakup. Lisa Steadman's book is a fantastic breakup guidebook for women of all ages & all types of relationships. Modern Girl Style insists that this book is a must for woman. Buy it, put it between your dictionary & thesaurus because it's a rockin resource book that will help you through those trying times!

The Interview

Moderngirllogomini 1. What started your website The Breakup Chronicles? Was the leap from
your website to your first book, It’s a BreakUp, Not a BreakDown, an
easy transition?

I started my website after going through a really
difficult breakup. I knew I needed to breakup with this person – he
wasn’t the right guy for me but I was so afraid of the unknown.
Ultimately, I did breakup and decided to create a website where people
could share how breaking up with the wrong person is the right thing to
do. How ending the wrong relationship – whether you got dumped or did
the dumping – can be an amazing transformative experience that leads
you in the direction of your most fabulously authentic life. And as a
bonus, how eventually your breakups and lessons learned lead you to
your perfect partner.

Moderngirllogomini 2. The title of your book is fantastic! How did you name your book?

I’d love to take the credit but my publisher came up with the title. And I absolutely love it!

Moderngirllogomini 3. If break-up pain is universal, then what are 3 universal cures for a broken heart?

You absolutely must create distance from your ex – if you have to stay
in touch (if you have kids, etc), you need new boundaries. No booty
2. You need a support system, aka your Boo-Hoo Crew to help you thru the initial pain
3. Give yourself time to mourn the loss, aka celebrate your slump

Moderngirllogomini 4.
How can women in low-points in their current relationships understand
the difference between needing to wake up, break up, and move on versus
needing to work out relationship issues?

(Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer)

This is incredibly
subjective. What I tell people is that if they have tried to make
change in their relationship, and still the bad outweighs the good,
that may be a sign to move on vs. continue working on it. However,
change is hard and walking away from a relationship is hard. What I
find is that people don’t make these kinds of relationship changes
until it’s more painful not to.

Moderngirllogomini 5. The Breakup Chronicles is
giving readers a sneak peak at The Breaking up with Bad Love Habits
Program. Is this your next project? If not, can you give Modern Girl
Style a glimpse into what we can expect from you in the future?

is a project I am so passionate about! I just finished an e-book which
will be available on my site very soon. And I offer coaching as well.
Basically, the Bad Love Habits program takes people on a step by step
approach to help them identify their limiting relationship beliefs,
reframe them, and then guides them on how to recreate a happy and
healthy view of love and relationships. I was my very first client in
the program and it definitely works! I am now very happily hooked up
with my perfect partner, thanks to the work I did.

(Woody Allen's Annie Hall)

Moderngirllogomini Bonus Question!!!
What women do you admire for their strength, courage, and ability to rebound into happier & healthier lives?

admire women who triumph over adversity and come out stronger and
better than before. Arianna Huffington, Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Tina

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