Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things to Sew: Fall Jackets

Fall coat inspiration

I love September because the weather is typically filled with the warm remnants of summer.  As the last of summer fades away, there is a shift to creating that same cozy warmth, and nothing makes fall more enjoyable than a fall jacket. There are several images that have me excited about the idea of covering up in style.  Olivia Palermo fall jacket style is classic and modern. 

Palermo's coat has beautiful details like the oversize pockets and the horn-shape buttons. Overall, I want something a bit more fuzzy and cozy.


Then I found the jacket I love. It's a Catherine Malandrino Bell Coat, which at $1900 is something I'm not going to the store to pick up. However, I have a better idea. Why not get fearless in the sewing room and sew it?!

I went to my local fabric store and found this on sale for $5-yard. I like that it reflects the current chevron trend, too. When shopping for fabric, I can't stress enough that you take the fabric and look at in the mirror. Does the fabric work with your skin tones? Will the fabric work with your wardrobe? You should also ask yourself if you went shopping would you buy it already finished? Sometimes it can be hard to have the vision to see the end product. That's why designers get paid the big bucks, right! Yet, it pays to ask the questions. It's important to not just mindlessly sew clothes but to think as a designer and stylist. I love looking through magazines and books on sewing but so often I feel that they have no idea what's going on in the fashion world. Clothes need the influence of fashion to make them exciting! I purchased this fabric because it went well with my eyes and it should work with my wardrobe. On the other hand, I'm nervous that it won't work and I'll look like a couch, but that's the gamble you have to take when you sew!
The pattern I selected was Burda 7131. I'll be sewing the coat on the right.

This is the first coat I've attempted to sew so I may very well end up looking like a pillow cushion! As for right now,  I've got to run and take care of the little munchkin. My beautiful baby girl is 13 months today and more fun than ever. Needless to mention, being a new mom, my project will have to be a weekend or late night project. 

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ophélie pierre said...

I love the pattern of coat especially the color of the first picture, it fits well with the colors of autumn!