Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Three Favorite Things: Simple Gifts

Last January, Alt Design Summit and Design Milk hosted a lovely webinar. At the event, I was fortunate, blessed, pick your own adjective here to describe meeting Judy of Cute & Useful. Judy is simply brilliant! She is a graphic designer, crafter, and mother. I'm very excited to introduce her guest post for Three Favorite Things!

Judy, what are your three favorite things?!

 My three favorite things are simple gifts. Simple Gifts are thoughtful, lovely, and special.

It's easy to make these simple gifts. All you need is card stock, scissors, glue, and a printer. First, print the template on card stock. The template download is at my blog, Cute & Useful.  

Next, choose a printable paper and print it, also on card stock. I made three neutral-colored printable papers special for this project (I chose them to compliment the gifts inside the boxes), or you can choose from any of my printable papers at Cute & Useful. Trace the template onto the back of the printed paper.

Cut the traced template from the printed paper and fold. The original template has dotted lines you can reference as guides, but it's pretty easy to see what to do. The tabs show where all the folds should be. 

I made all my folds before beginning to assemble. In assembly, I made the lid first, then I put glue on the side and bottom tabs and assembled. After I had the bottom tabs in place, I gently pushed the bottom against the tabletop to make it snug. I used as much glue as I needed but no more; a little glue and the tabs stuck right away -- too much and they were slippery. The glue was Elmer's. 

And then, you have a cute little box! Fill it with practically any small thing. The box on the right is filled with silver binder clips. The box on the left has beads and elastic cord to make a bracelet. Wouldn't these little boxes make a great teacher gift? Don't you think they'd be a thoughtful gift for a neighbor or friend?

What's in the box in the middle? Candy, of course! These kisses with melt-away centers are really, really...mmmmm. I think the boxes would also be fun filled with Jelly Beans for Easter. (I recently made a colorful Jelly Bean paper.)

Aren't they cute? Aren't they useful? 
It's been my pleasure posting today on Modern Girl Style. Remember to find the printable papers and template for this post at Cute & Useful. My very best to you!

Thanks, Judy! I feel so inspired! This will come in handy for giving out little gifts to friends and family! XOXO!!

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palacebravo said...

Was a real pleasure to work with you on this, Thanks!