Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hipster Baby Hat

Did I mention that I have no time as a new mom? I wasn't able to work on drafting my dress and had to suffice with a fast project. This was just in time for record cold weather in Toronto. The Hipster Baby Hat was born out of the need to have more hats in different colors, without breaking the bank. I took my favorite baby hat and drafted a pattern from it. Five simple easy steps later, I've made hats for my friends with babies, my cousin-in-law, and just about everyone else I can think of. This project is SOOO EASY!!

Step #1: Draft A Pattern
Take your favorite baby hat, turn it inside out, and trace it to paper. I would love to offer my pattern as a freebie, but I have to figure out how to share the patterns I make. Yet, making your own pattern is really, really, easy. You don't even have to use tracing paper and the double wheel. 

Step #2: You Made a Pattern!
As you can see, my pattern has a few hiccups. Don't be a perfectionist! Remember that this is a floppy hat that hides mistakes well.

Step #3: Cut it Out
Use a rotary cutter to easily slice out the pattern in the fabric of your choice. This is your opportunity to make several hats by cutting out more hats as needed.

Step #4: Serge & Sew
If you have a serger, simply serge the bottom edge of the hat for a more professional look. Knit fabric doesn't tend to fray, so this isn't essential. This is just a finishing touch. If you don't have a serger and you want a professional look, use the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine to finish the bottom edge of the fabric. After that, sew the two pieces of the hat together, again use the zig-zag stitch. I like this stitch for knits because it is a bit more durable.

Step#5: Fold & Topstitch
Okay, this is rocket science, ready? I used my thumb to measure the first fold inside the hat. The second fold is created by folding it back out. Topstitch the hat with a sweet zig-zag on the top and lower half of the fold. Did I mention I love zig-zag stitch? Time for a baby model moment.... 

Hurray for the Hipster Baby Hat!

Got questions or comments? Email me and I'll try to help! If you make something similar and want to share...please leave a link in the comment section. I'd love to see your own version of the hipster baby hat!


Judy Havrilla @ cute&useful said...

Adorable hat the you've "just whipped up" there! Cute baby picture, too.

Nelonce said...

I am also a fan of your hat! You are so creative!