Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Make Your Own Cali Baby T-Shirt {Or Any State You Want}!

As a new mom, I need projects that are quick and easy. This project was burning on my mind when I woke up this morning. The great thing is it took under 30 minutes to complete. This Cali Baby T-Shirt is instant gratification when you have all the supplies on hand. So stock up on these basic items so when a brainwave comes your way, you can go for it.

The Simple Steps 

Directions on How to Applique Your Project

1. Find Image & Select Fabric

I woke up thinking about California. I wanted to highlight the place that I've loved since I was kid. A silhouette is super simple and sweet! I found the Cali state outline online, but you can use any state that you want. Check out this website for the state you want. I also didn't have to resize. I literally just printed it out and cut it out. I selected some quilters cotton that I picked up for little projects like this.  

2. Trace to Double-Sided Fusible Interface Paper

I bought a roll of Steam-a-Seam2 fusible paper at a great discount at my local fabric store. This stuff works amazingly well. I was happen that I was able to buy a 3 yard roll for only $11, which was marked at $50! Check your local fabric store for deals, too.

3. Cut Out & Peel Paper Away

This is super simple, too. You have a choice. Follow the instructions and trace your design to the interface paper and then cut. Or do it backwards like me! I cut out the shape I wanted, then placed it on the interface paper. Once you adhere the fabric to the paper and have it completely cut out, then peel the paper away. SO EASY!!

4. Iron to the Shirt You Want to Use

With the interface-side down, place the design on your shirt. Take some time to make sure that it is lined up on the shirt where you want it. Iron it on to the shirt for 10-20 seconds. Yes, it's just this easy! You're all done or else try the bonus option.

5. Bonus Option: Zig-zag Stitch to Shirt

I love the look of zig-zag stitch. After my design was ironed to the shirt, I ran it through my sewing machine on a zig-zag stitch set at a length of 2 and width of 3.5. Play around with your design and follow your heart with the stitch that you like best.

6. Rock out with a New Shirt!

Yes, you made it to the end of this tutorial! I will admit that I was totally inspired by the collection of awesome appliques available at Armommy. I bought the girl with the balloon design and will make it next weekend. I also recommend watching her video on how to do any kind of applique...it's fantastic!

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