Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding the Life in Winter: A Trip to a Toronto Conservatory

{The Gardeners rake in the Western Wing}

It was a trip to look at flowers and no boys allowed! Lol! Okay, daddy was busy but that didn't stop us from having an amazing time. My favorite little girl slept for the first jaunt around the conservatory.

There were so many beautiful colors and textures in nature it was hard to pick a favorite.

There were so many amazing shapes, too. Have you ever seen a plant with tips like these? They look like E.T. fingers!

I've always loved succulents! There are so many varieties.

Makena woke up looking into the canopy of green skies!

We strolled through Eden as it snowed outside. It was also awesome that we were the only people there! Surprising for a Friday!

All of this next type of plant grows in swirls. 

A beautiful yucca plant in bloom. 

In the western wing, a new show was being installed for February. We managed to sneek in and take a peek. 

Kumquat trees and mini orange trees gave the room bursts of energy. One day I want to grow an orangery, like the one I saw in the Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy.

Makena loved the koi fish the most. It was the first time she had even seen them. And the fish seemed to know, they kept swimming toward her and winking at her. 

Of course, the color contrasts were amazing. Nature amazed me in all the ways that she can grow.

Even the smallest portion of moss took on magical qualities. I felt like we were looking for fairies napping in the shade. I could imagine a little winged fairy resting here...

But the only fairy I found was Makena! Oh, the magic of relearning the world with new eyes! Every day I thank the great forces of the world for bringing her into my life. We are so blessed!

{all photos shot by me on my iPhone-2012}

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Hope in High Heels said...

Gorgeous photos... but I have to say my favourites are the ones of Makena - she is SO cute!